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In Dual Monitor setup, window positions revert to left monitor on resume from sleep

Question asked by stealth210 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by stealth210

Built a new system and decided to go with the R9 390 with dual 2560x1440 displays on Win 10 to replace my old system with GTX 560 on dual 1920x1200 displays that have no problem on same OS Win 10.


Every time the displays go to sleep the contents and window positions of my right monitor shift to the left one (stacked) on resume. It's frustrating because I do a lot of work and then leave my system for a while only to come back and have to re-position all the windows back to the right monitor.


I've found multiple people with this issue and have tried the registry tweaks with no good results.


Anyone else have this problem? I have the monitors on an MSI R9 390 card, one on DP and one on HDMI. Tried flipping them around, no good.