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AMD releases new, higher-clocked A10-7890K APU, Athlon X4 880K CPU

Question asked by kingfish on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by black_zion

""AMD has launched a new top-end APU and CPU today, rounding out the “Godavari” platform refresh of its previous Kaveri APUs. The new A10-7890K will ship with AMD’s vaunted “Wraith” cooler, while the A10-7870K and X4 880K will include a new, near-silent cooler. The only difference between the Wraith and these other two designs is the former’s illuminated shroud. All three coolers are rated for 125W TDP, which means they should be able to handle at least a little overclocking.

Here’s the new CPU lineup, as compared with the previous high-end core, the A10-7870K.""


""AMD wants to sell the A10-7890K to gamers and budget enthusiasts who are looking to play some less-demanding current titles and can save money by relying on APU graphics rather than jumping for a discrete GPU. Evaluated strictly in terms of GPU performance, AMD’s APUs remain extremely potent compared with Intel integrated GPUs in the same price brackets. Low DDR3 prices also help — the price premium on DDR3-2400 is much lower than it was two years ago, and if you’re looking to build an APU rig, you’ll want high-speed DDR3. Our RAM guide has more details.""