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Crimson 16.2, R9 380, tries to sleep but reawakens when monitors try to shut off

Question asked by redant on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by redant

Win10 pro; Intel Skylake; Gigabyte Z170x gaming 7; ASUS R9 380. Two HP widescreen displays connected via DVI cables.

Crimson 16.2 hotfix software and drivers.

Original Win10 installation, not an upgrade.

When Windows decides it's time to sleep, it shuts off the displays.

Then instead of sleeping, the system beeps indefinitely, about every 15 seconds.

It does reawaken to a mouse click, but the trash can has been moved.

And if the Windows stickynote app was open on 2nd display, it moves stickynote to primary display.

So system seems to think the 2nd display has been turned off, as opposed to "sleeping".

This system worked fine with motherboard graphics and 2 monitors.

Strangely, manually putting the system to sleep from the power menu does not cause this problem.

Any clues would be much appreciated, thanks very much.