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    FirePro W4300 Question


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      amdmatt fsadough


      I'm about to pull the trigger on replacing my FirePro 2270 with a W4300.

      I love the 2270 and it has worked just fine for 3 years driving 2 1080p displays for Adobe CC in 10-bit mode but it's heatsink warped and snapped off a few of the support pegs and was replaced under warranty recently (Thanks AMD!).

      I don't game and the power envelope of a card and form factor are important.

      System Specs:

      • SuperMicro CSE-731i Chassis
      • Corsair RM750 PS
      • Noctua 80 & 92mm PWM Fans
      • SuperMicro X10SL7-F Mainboard
      • Intel Xenon E3-1231v3 Processor
      • 32GB (4 x 8GB) Corsair ECC Memory
      • 2 x Samsung EVO Pro 540 256GB SSD (RAID1 on Intel C236) OS/Apps
      • 4 x Seagate 3TB NAS (RAID10 on LSI 2308)
      • LG 16x BluRay Burner
      • 2 x 24" Asus PA248 Displays (Calibrated with an i1 Display Pro)
      • OS Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

      The motherboard is a server board for reliability but is challenged in that it only has a single PCIe-3.0 x8 slot in a x16 connector and immediately below this is a PCIe2 x4 slot in a x8 connector (i.e a dual-width graphics card will obstruct the only other expansion slot).

      The x8 slot has a PCIe x1 FireWire adapter installed that is required for ingestion of legacy media.

      I have confirmed that the x1 FW card will not interfere with the fan on the W4300.



      1. Does the W4300 come with a full-height bracket as well as the SFF bracket shown?

      The data sheet is not clear on what is included and the only hint is in the Features List:

      Low-profile design fits SFF and full-size ATX chassis


      Thanks for any assistance



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          Hi Bruce,

          Yes the W4300 comes with a low bracket. Keep in mind you will not get full performance of the card since your PCIE is set to x8. However I assume for your needs, that should be OK, since you had no performance issues with FirePro 2270 on the same motherboard, correct?

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              Thanks for the reply.


              The 2270 was originally in a SuperMicro X9SCL (Ivy Bridge) based system that only had x4 & x8 slots so I had to use the 2270 SKU 100-505652 (512MB DDR3, PCIe 2.1 x1) rather than the x16 version. Even in the Ivy Bridge based system it was surprising how well Adobe CC worked with 2 1080p monitors. Not an ideal solution but it illustrates just how little GPU performance is necessary for low to mid range business/creative use as opposed to gaming needs.


              I do use a lot of layers in PhotoShop in my workflow but not a lot of filters which would be able to take advantage of OpenCL GPU acceleration.


              Though iGFX is more commonly available in newer Haswell & Skylake workstation and server boards based on the E3 Xenon platforms they do not support a 10-bit workflow and so are limited.


              I did notice that LightRoom & Photoshop was more "snappier" when I installed a older Diamond HD5670 (1GB GDDR5, PCIe 2.1 x16) as a test to verify operation of a x16 card in an x16 slot with only 8 lanes.


              After all is said and done I ended up ordering a W4100 instead of the W4300 which should yield a boost over the HD5670 with the move from 500MBps PCIe 2.X lanes to 980MBps PCIe 3.X lanes. Though the W4300 offers a slightly better value proposition a twice the performance at twice the price I strongly suspect my workflow would not benefit from the additional Stream Processing Units and VRAM. The funds that were saved were used to buy more system memory which PhotoShop will use.