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Blue Screen 0x000000EA

Question asked by thunderzero on Feb 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by thunderzero


I have a problem a few days, often while I'm playing, I get stuck all over and the blue screen appears with 0x000000EA mistake, I already tried to completely uninstall the drivers and reinstall them, and that the PC I bought it a few days ago again , just installed Windows from me.


My specs are:

APU: A10 7700K with integrated R7

OS Windos 7 64Bit

Ram: 12GB (2GB dedicated to the integrated video card)

Driver: Crimson v.16.2


I read that it could be a video card error, but how do I fix? I hope someone can help me in this way I can not even play a bit ..

Thank you