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BSOD atikpag.sys unsolvable.

Question asked by spiromer on Feb 27, 2016

I have a desktop computer, a day when booting the BSOD appeared:

STOP: 0x00000116

*** atikmpag.sys .... ,

after many attempts to fix in all possible ways: formatting, using current drivers, drivers uninstaller, the EXPAND.EXE trick,.. nothing,it can only boot in safe mode.

Finally I bought another motherboard thinking that was the problem. NOTHING !, with the new motherboard same thing happens, I changed also memory.

There's just something I have not changed: the A10-5800K processor. Is there any way to know if it is defective? Using the generic VGA driver the computer starts and everything works. But everything starts again if I try to install any driver Radeon HD 7660D in any of its versions.

Now my pc is doomed to have a poor graphics and after days and days of searches, information and attempts have not achieved anything. I have also tried to run a live cd UBUNTU: also breaks at startup, stays frozen... not is a windows drivers fault, only.

My pc has Motherboard Asus A88XMA, Windows 7 Home Premium (fully updated), 8 gb ram DDR3 GSkill ... and a processor that I think is broken.Is it possible that the graphics card processor is broken but the processor continues to operate if not access the graphics components? Is there any solution or I have to pull the processor, ( has only two years)?