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New monitor displayport flicker??  please help

Question asked by darksaga on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by lord-carlos

I just got the acer XR341CK + amd R9 fury nitro the monitor came with a displayport cable.  I plugged it in and all seemed fine for a bit but then it's started just turning completely black then coming back on (Power light doesn't turn off so it's just the display).  then it was flickering lines/bars across the screen randomly.  I switched to a different port and it got worse (bars were coming up and popping).    I had the monitor set at highest res, 79hz refresh, and freesync enabled.  Now that I have the hdmi plugged in it's fine at least for the moment.  


Seemed like it only started after I opened up a game.  Then even if I exited the game it kept doing it.  What could be the issue?   Thanks =)