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    What's my upgrade path from an R9 280 that preserves high double precision performance?


      Hi Everyone,


      I've got a R9 280 and use it for both gaming and running DC projects like Seti@Home and World Community Grid. I'm struggling to find an upgrade to my card. It seems like AMD abandoned the Tahiti-like cards with great double precision performance. Outside of the latest FirePro cards (which are $1K+), I can't find any mainstream AMD card that does better than the aging R9 280X at double precision.  Am I wrong?


      I have no issue paying $500+ for a high-end graphics card, but I'm totally bummed that there isn't a solution between the 2100+ gigaflops of the W8100 and the 1024 of the R9 280X. Is there anything on the horizon that offers 1/4 double precision? The Fury X is awesome from a gaming standpoint, but why the huge drop to 1/16th double precision? Is this a technical obstacle or am I just some niche user that loves playing Rise of the Tomb Raider *and* number crunching when I'm not gaming?

      Thanks for any guidance. I have a 100% AMD system and am locked and loaded for a significant investment in ZEN, I just have no idea where to go from the graphics side.