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A10-7870 GPU monitoring and load test.

Question asked by xrayxray on Feb 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by xrayxray

Hi All,

New system with A10-7870,

                             Asrock FM2 A88X Extreme 4

                             4x4 gig DDR33 1866 Hyper Fury X

                             OCZ Ark 240 GB SSD + 1T WD HD

                             Cooler Master Seidon 120V water cooler

                             Pioneer BDR 209 Blue Ray Writer

                             Seasonic Gold 450.

                             Fractal designs core 1100 case.

My question is I am trying to monitor the APU and I am able to get the loads and temps on the cpu part of the A10 chip but not the GPU part of the chip.

I have AMD monitor, Speccy, Cpuz and tried half a dozen others... in fact I'm not even sure if the monitor graphics are from the A10 or the MB, I do have onboard graphics turned off in the UEFI but every monitor software I have looked at gives me different temps for the CPU as against the temps monitored on the MB and generally the info just doesn't seem correct..... so which monitor will work and can be trusted as AMD monitor doesn't and how to tell if the graphics are loading off the A10 or the MB ?