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rocket league New 1.11 patch is crashing/shutting down my PC at start up!

Question asked by on Feb 27, 2016
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Ever since the new 1.11 patch installed on steam for Rocket league it crashes/ shuts down my PC.



I have played the game over 70hrs so far with no issues. i run an R9 amd video card, and dual monitors, but i only play the game on one monitor. Since the update of the game through steam every time i start the game when it tries to load the title screen my system shuts down and goes into this unwakeable sleep where my HDD light is still powered but the PC is basically powered down. i have to turn the power off completely to the PC in order to start it back up again. I know its something to do with just this game. i can play other games such as Black ops 3 with no issues at all that i have on steam. as well as several other games that are not on steam. I have never had this issue before until the 1.11 update to rocket league.I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I remind you that this is the only game out of the 40 some games i have installed on my pc that is doing this. The game wants to play randomly, meaning sometimes it runs and i can shut it down and restart it and it shuts my PC down. every place i have posted to i get little to no response on my issue i am having. please help. I have all Drivers UTD.



I am running Win 10 64bit

amd R9 video card Crimson v 16.2      i have tried 15.11, 16.1

ASROCK Mobo 990fx extream4 / AMD chipsets

SSD drive