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High temperature in Grim Dawn ( High end GPU )

Question asked by kurtlol on Feb 28, 2016
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Hello, so before I explain my problem, please be aware that this is the VERY first game that does this, and my Fans work well and are dust free.


My rig : W 8.1 // I5 3570K // MSI R9 390 8G No OC, fan speed 40% // 8G memory.


Latest possible drivers installed ( The ones that showed up a few days ago )


So, the first time I launched the game, I noticed that my GPU went up to 85°C. So I tweaked everythinkg down to Low/Medium to see what was wrong. I also enabled the V-sync ( 144Hz monitor )


The GPU went down to 80°C. While this is not a "Dangerous" temp. I wonder what could cause this. How could the temp be that high at low / medium settings. There's got to be a problem somewhere.


Note that this is the absolute first game to do this, I run the witcher 3 at max settings and it does not go over 75°C.


What could cause that ?


Thank you very much