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Difference between a r7 M260 and M260DX And can you upgrade a M260DX?

Question asked by demonicgamer on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by amdmatt

Hello, I have a Lenovo ideapad z50-75 and It has a AMD FX-7500 Quadcore cpu and a Radeon R7 M260DX(2gb vram) Gpu along with 8gb of ram with only 6.9gb usable. I'm operating on


windows 10 and i was wondering What the difference between a Radeon R7 M260 and a M260DX Was. I absolutely have no theory for what the difference is, the only thing i saw but I don't


remember where was that a M260DX Was integrated to the motherboard, then other places I saw people talking about upgrading their M***DX Gpu. I also used the gpuz app to see what socket


it was since i was wanting to upgrade, but sometimes it shows this: Image of Gpuz1 And Other Times It Shows this:Image of Gpuz2. I don't want to actually open up my computer just to see


whether i can upgrade my GPU or not.


Thank you for your time