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    Crimson causing black screen on CPU ratio change?


      Hi all,


      I've an AMD/MSI setup which, since upgrading to Crimson, has lost a little bit of the functionality I'd been enjoying. As some of you probably know, MSI Command Center is a piece of software bundled with MSI boards that lets you (amongst other things) alter the CPU ratio from within Windows. Using this, I was able to run with my CPU locked @ 21x for gaming etc., and lower it to as little as 4x when workloads were low or I wanted to keep the fans at their lowest setting.

      This all worked fine under the Catalyst drivers, but since upgrading to Crimson any change in the CPU ratio results in a black screen. Now, Command Center was updated around the same time, but I've rolled that back to no avail.


      What could be causing a conflict like this? It seems odd to me that changing the CPU ratio should affect the display driver at all.
      Could AMD chipset drivers be involved somehow?
      Has anybody else run into this problem?

      Are there any alternative programs for adjusting the ratio on-the-fly that I could try using instead of Command Center?





      AMD FX-8350
      MSI 970 GAMING AM3+
      MSI R9 290 GAMING
      Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1866 RAM

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          No conflict--it's just that AMD has separated the CPU controls from the GPU controls with Crimson.  I have the same mobo you do and everything works fine with the Crimsons--you have to set it up properly in your UEFI bios, though...which presumably you know how to do...;)  First of all, there is no need for you to do what you were doing manually...!  Oh, gosh, no--that's a real Kludge!  Your UEFI bios is designed to work with the AMD cpu to do all of that *automatically* and much faster and far more fine-tuned than you might ever do it manually...;)  It all works "automagically" through the MSI UEFI bios Cool'nQuiet settings--make sure you have Cool'nQuiet set to "Enabled", though--as the "auto" setting doesn't work nearly as well, imo...;)  If you aren't clear on this you may wish to Bing/Google Cool'nQuiet and read up on it--I've been doing it this way for years and it works splendidly...!

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              Perhaps I should explain my reasoning a little further - Cool n' Quiet (which I'm aware of, have been building AMD machines since '99 ) will fluctuate my CPU multiplier between 11-21x, but for various reasons I enjoyed the ability to lower the clock even further at night, and as such achieve even lower temperatures (and therefore, needed fan speeds) than C&Q would normally allow for. It's not a kludge because I'm not doing it for performance reasons (eg, manually upping it to 21x for games then going back to 11x for browsing), but to achieve something that cannot normally be achieved with the automated settings.


              As far as I'm aware, there's no way of accessing this functionality outside of MSI's Command Center. It's not a huge loss as things go - I can cope fine with being limited to Cool n' Quiet's adjustments, but I'd like to regain that ability if I can (though not enough to roll back to Catalyst).


              In regards to the "auto" setting not working - that'll be because Turbo Core Technology is overriding it. Like you, I've already set my Cool n' Quiet to Enabled because I prefer the automated fluctuation between 11-21x compared to the 20-21x Turbo runs things at


              Thanks for your input, either way