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Beware of having 1 monitor and a TV Hooked up !

Question asked by rickt on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by rickt

I posted here at the beginning of the week and didn't get any help , here is the post:


My PC has a SSD drive and it was running out of room , So everything was working before I get the driver question. All my downloads are on a secondary drive.

Here's what I did Had Win7x64pro wipe the drive and reinstall. Now this is not SP1. After the install download all windows updates with SP1 and reboot. Now I have done this 4 times in different configurations ! Run the installer before the updates and after didn't work and even updated Win Explorer11


And everytime I do it I get the same thing after the installer finishes everything looks great it asks to change my resolution to preferred, " I agree" it refreshes the screen LOOKS GREAT.

Now it asks to REBOOT so I do...........The greet song plays and ALL I SEE is windows background screen . No icons No tray and No mouse. and No Cntrl/alt/del you get a black screen !


I also tried just using the Windows update version of the driver and get the same results !!

Over at Microsoft they tried to help but got no where ..........

Gave up your card and purchased a New Geforce guess what same thing.........Was my Video card slot corrupted ?  Then finally after reading hundreds posts came across a note by someone asking do you have 2 monitors !!!!!!!

My PC is a HTPC with a HDTV in another room for watching movies..... Please explain to me who was the genius to default HDMI over DVI ? Since DVI is the industry default.. and explain to me why the 2nd monitor doesn't have a number 2 show up in one of the corners marking it as 2nd monitor as default then allow the user to turn off the mark ! After a new install of drivers !!!!!!!