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Driver AMD RADEON R5 330

Question asked by jaggho on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by andreav

Hi everyone, i have a little problem, i've bought a desktop HP 550-009nl that has a dedicated GPU: the AMD RADEON R5 330 OEM (a desktop gpu, obviusly) the problem is that:

When i bought it, it had installed the driver of the amd radeon r5 m230 that is a gpu for laptop, infact in the crimsom software it say me that the temperature is 511°, impossible.

So i've used the autodetect tool for update but nothing, ther's is no update.

One day, on the windows of devise management of control panel, i've selecter the r5 m320 and used the automatic update, the PC updated the card.

When I restart it, it say me that I have the r5 330 in the crimsom sofwtare and in the device managemente too.. and also the temperature is signed to 25°.

But the problem is that.. after few days the software says me that there are updates.. I accept.. and it returns to amd radeon r5 m320..

That beacuse when there was the r5 330 it signed me the 15.20 version of crimson software.. while the update was to 15.30.. but when i do the update it returns to sign that i have the m320.. also with autodetect and also with the crimsom hotfix.. i've tried all.. but nothing so i ignore it but I wanna know if really there update for the 330 and not for the m320..

Photo of my pc: