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    Why AMD even exists?


      So since I bought my laptop I had plenty of issues with it but only one part, AMD hybrid graphics.

      First Linux:

      - Laptop comes preinstalled with Ubuntu but there is not driver for Ubuntu for the dedicated board so no office work which demands a bit higher capabilities for gpu

      - Video tearing and no more "no-tear" option in driver

      - No playable games

      - No other alternative

      - 2015 chip.....and no driver for an entire series


      Now Windows:

      - Worse performance with Crimson than with Catalyst

      - Worse performance on Windows 10 than 7

      When I have time to play I play WoW, that's why I avoid trying to buy a gaming laptop

      - Periodic textures issues in-game

      - Periodic TDR

      - Overdrive option in driver, but it's completely useless as the game constant crash after setting it.


      I just bought a laptop for my parents, full Intel, in a short time I will sell this crap of laptop and buy myself something with Nvidia( at least they show some interest in end-consumers) and with that I am gonna say F U AMD with your useless products and a big _(_ for your arrogance against use buyers, I hope you go bankrupt you're useless.