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    Fallout 4 issues on 16.2 drivers


      So i just installed 16.2 hotfix drivers for my Gigabyte HD7870 (GV-R787OC-2GD) and in first ~90 minutes of playing Fallout 4 (compass finally stopped flickering!) my game crashed to desktop two times ("Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"). Main menu, hud and mouse cursor disappeared once. I decided to give it one more try and after 30 seconds of playing my whole pc froze so i needed to press reset button. I am switching back to 15.12 driver which was working pretty well with fallout 4, except flickering compass which drives me crazy.

      Anyone else is experiencing similair issues with 16.2 driver? Is there any way to make it work so i can finally use compas in fallout 4? :/


      PC Specs:

      Windows 10 x64

      asus z87 gryphon

      i5 4690k

      2x4gb of ram

      gigabyte 7870 (GV-R787OC-2GD))

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          I have occasional display driver crashes with 16.2 as well running FO4 - however, the main issue for me it is that the Crossfire scaling is currently negative, with a 10-30% loss in FPS with CFX enabled.  Coupled with the crashing and complete lack of improvement from 16.1.1 to 16.2, I am left feeling that FO4 CFX support only exists to tick a marketing check box, and no other reason.


          Crimson is lightyears ahead of Catalyst in many ways, but the same old poor testing and support haven't improved at all.