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    Where do I buy DDR3 1866 RAM with AMP?


      Where do I buy DDR3 1866MHz RAM with AMP? I've been looking everywhere & can't find a single stick in stock. It's all sold out or out of stock. I have a AMD FX 9590 processor & a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard & it "says" it can support RAM up to 1866MHz, the thing ASUS doesn't tell you is it has to have the AMP feature to go that high. So I have some G.skill memory that is F'ing useless now & I can't find the proper RAM. If ANYBODY knows where to get some, PLEASE post here. Also I DO NOT buy used RAM so don't post anything if that's what you are going to suggest.


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          Your mobo does not require DRAM with AMP settings programmed into the SPD to run at 1866 MHz. Asus mobos IME are very DRAM sensitive and often DRAM listed on the Asus tested and approved DRAM list does not always function without issue. Many PC users have experienced a lot of headaches with DRAM on Asus mobos compared to other brands of mobos.


          Any DDR3 RAM that is rated at 1866 MHz. (as a kit, not as individual DIMMs), should run fine on your AM3+ mobo with the FX-9590 if you manually set the DRAM timings in BIOS to the specifications provided with the DRAM kit. When you buy DRAM with AMP settings these are read by the BIOS when you boot up and the BIOS tries to set the AMP timings and frequency - just as you can do manually if you understand how to do this. Not many companies sell DRAM with AMP settings so you may desire to try manually setting the G.Skill DRAM if it is rated for 1866 MHz. The proper timings for the G.Skill to run at 1866 MHz. ( if it's rated for 1866 MHz.), should be on a label on the DIMMs or on the package the DRAM came in.