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External Graphics Compatability (PCI-e to x16 PCI)

Question asked by planeace222 on Feb 25, 2016



I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770 recently given by a friend to use as an external graphics card. I have a Toshiba satellite c75d-b7230 with an AMD A6-6310 with an integrated R4 graphics.

I am looking at external graphics solutions, and whether or not my machine is compatible. I know absolutely nobody who has attempted this. what I do know is that my motherboard has a PCI-e slot that used to hold my network card, that o removed due to it failing, but I have a dual band USB dongle for wireless internet anyway.

I found this adapter on Amazon:

So far, I have hope that it will work. I do need a power supply for this but don't need a very powerful one. Any suggestions?

Laptop works without errors without the network card, but unsure if it will boot with a graphics card.


if anyone can answer this, I would greatly appreciate it!

thank you!