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Crimson 16.2 installed old version 13.301.1001.0 from 12/20/13

Question asked by liz81 on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by kingfish

As I installed the Crimson 16.2, an old version 13.301.1001.0 which is from 12/20/13 was installed instead.  Does that sound right to you?



I've had many problems with AMD before and I think this was the driver I had to start with when I got my PC in 2014.  Had to be because that's after this version came out and I ended up with a BSOD.  Since then, I've come here every month to be sure I have the newest revision and have been installing it each month.  I could be wrong and maybe this wasn't installed to start with, I don't know.  I didn't think to check on the date of the driver when I got my computer in 2014.  I have installed the driver from windows update and it was the exact same version and driver date as the one above.  I know it's old but windows seem to think this is the one I need and i know I have other drivers from 2013 and there's never been a problem with them.  I just hope I do not get another BSOD with this one.


Regardless, I thought it was strange that Crimson 16.2 installed v. 13.301.1001.0, the same one windows update installed for me.