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AMD Game Promo

Question asked by orbitstorm on Feb 25, 2016

Prior to the page being taken down, AMD had an ongoing game giveaway (located at that required users to download a hardware "verification" tool in order to claim your free game(s). After spending several days trying to get the page to even load (an issue many experienced no doubt), the verification tool repeatedly displayed a "manufacturer could not be verified" error. Given that I'm using a system with an AMD FX-6300 + Radeon R7 240 that was built by CyberPower, I clearly met all prerequisites for the giveaway. Several unsuccessful attempts with the tool later, I opted to just submit a ticket with manual verification. It's now been six days and I haven't received a reply from AMD.


Is this a result of an influx of such tickets or is AMD simply going to give the finger to anyone who was unable to make successful use of their buggy tool?