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    Purple or Green pixelated fog in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on R9 380 and Fury cards.


      Essentially, if you join a game of Garden Ops or do the solo campaign using allies, you will get fog similar to the screenshot below (if you're a plant), or purple fog similar to below if you're a zombie. The reason for this, is because when allies are rendered through walls, they have a green or purple rendered model, very similar to how Left 4 Dead handles seeing your allies through walls. I guess there is some kind of leak with the rendering, because instead of just rendering the green onto the model, it also renders EVERYWHERE, in a fog-like state.


      Screenshot of the bug: Gyazo - e8d94590826793278d187610ca5b06c7.png


      Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PvZGardenWarfare/comments/476t70/green_fog_that_makes_objects_pixelated/


      EA's Answers HQ: Purple or Green pixelated fog on R9 380 cards. - Answer HQ


      This bug makes co-op (and solo play with AI allies) literally unplayable for us