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Windows 7 SP 1 Sapphire r9 270x TOXIC Black Screen->Power Save Mode->GPU Fans 100 %

Question asked by xenonix on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by xenonix

Hey all, im proud owner of Sapphire r9 270x Toxic 2gb Boost edition with tri-x Coolers.


I've seen a numerous issues related to 15.12 CE drivers and issues with black screen especially on r9 200 series.
So anyways about my problem as i stated in Topic title:
I didnt play any games recently and i've seen 15.12 update so i decided to update my driver from 15.11 i used DDU to clean, installed the new 15.12 driver succesfully, watched a movie and all of a sudden BOOM...picture dissapeared my monitor went to power save mode, the sound was still playing as if i still watched the movie but i couldnt do anything but to reset the pc...again after awhile next day the issue happened two times wether i was using Chrome / You tube /Gom player same thing black screen with power save mode and few times gpu fans were spinning at 100 %, the temperature of gpu was 25 celsius, so i removed 15.12 CE and installed 16.1 Hotfix and issues were still there...after this i was forced to remove CE drivers and install old Catalyst from june i believe 15.7 and seems the issues vanished ofc it happend once only after install the black screen issue.

After this i sent my pc to the store where i bought the components in the first place for some diagnostics ( i diagnosed my pc before this also and everything was fine incl Ram etc) and the guys from the store confirmed that all components are in order and that theyre working fine. They also suggested that i should do clean install windows. Havent done this yet because i dont have time currently but seems right now that issue was somehow resolved and that indeed Crimson Edition doesnt work well with r9 200 series.
If someone had the same issue youre welcome to give some suggestions.