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    FX9590 What am i missing?


      Issue:     I upgraded my CPU (from 8150 to 9590) and it gives a black screen "no input".

      Notes:     I was unaware the CPU had such requirements and after reading a few forums i understand that 220w is needed and a specific Motherboard. The problem is that each forum has different responses.


      Current Rig:

      Mobo:     GA-970A-DS3 F6

      ^^ not compatible? - or requires specific BIOS version?

      PSU:     700w

      ^^ not powerful enough?

      CPU:     FX 8150


      I have no way of testing if the PSU is powerful enough (without purchasing a new PSU), but the most important aspect would be to check the MOBO is compatible. finally, there is the small chance the CPU is DOA but i have no way to confirm this.

      - I found 1 website that said my MOBO was compatible but would like a second opinion as i still get a "no input" error.



      [1] How can i fix my error?

      [2] Can someone confirm if the MOBO is compatible and the PSU is powerful enough?

      [3] what can people recommend, should i just nuke the PC and buy a new one? or is there a way to get this rig upgraded on the cheap? (new PSU or simple MOBO driver fix?)



      Although this post is similar to here;...

      CPU Upgrade to FX9590?

      ... my rig is different so i thought a new post would be more suitable and i didn't want the post to go unnoticed.



      i got the CPU on a random buy using some vouchers from trading in unwanted stuff. it was £11 so im not overly concerned.

      Many Thanks

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          Your motherboard is not compatible with that processor. We cannot tell you if your PSU is powerful enough as you did not give us a make and model (a Rocketfish 700w is not the same as a SeaSonic 700w, for example). If you prefer Gigabyte motherboards, the GIGABYTE GA-990FX-Gaming would be compatible with the 9590. The 9590 also requires strong liquid cooling, such as the Corsair H105 or H80.

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              Thank you for your reply. So a new Motherboard is a definite, now i just need to decide if it is worth it.

              If i have to get a new MOBO and maybe a new PSU then i might also need a new CASE. In that instance i might be better off buying a new pre-built system. Any other input/ recommendations people have to offer will be appreciated.



              • GIGABYTE GA-990FX-Gaming looks around £120 ($170) but i cannot see a slot for my wireless card.
              • The "ASUS Sabertooth 990FX" looks ok costing around £150?


              If it helps the rest of my rig includes:

              • Corsair Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance CPU Cooler
              • 700W OCZ ModXStream Pro Modular Power Supply - gold cert
              • EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked (4GB) Graphics Card PCI-E DVI HDMI DisplayPort    [uses less power than my old 1 GB]
              • Corsair LP Vengeance Memory 32GB @ 1600mhz ?
              • Sound Blaster ZxR with Daughter Board
              • mini wireless card thingy
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                  Your current motherboard is an ATX form factor so the new one will fit in your case. If you were to buy a prefab system you would pay more for a lower quality system. Your PSU is fine, as it is made by Sirtec under OCZs design specs. Ideally I'd choose the ASUS board, but I'm bias to them since I've only ever used them and DFI.

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              • Re: FX9590 What am i missing?

                If you go to the website for a particular brand of mobos, they list exactly what CPUs are supported by what mobo models and revisions of said mobo model.


                AMD recommends a minimum 600w PSU for an FX-9590 CPU but if you have a high power GPU then you will likely desire a quality ~650w PSU. What is most important is the power available on the 12v rail of the PSU as the 12v rail provides almost all of the power for the CPU/GPU. PSUs will have a label on the side that lists the amps. of power available on the various rails , I.e. 3v, 5v, +12v, etc. A quality PSU that has ~54 amps. available on the +12v rail should be sufficient for your needs. PSUs come in all different qualities and performance levels so I'd suggest that you read proper PSU reviews at JonnyGuru or Hardware Secrets for the exact model PSU you desire. Seasonic is a good brand of PSU and they manufacture a number of PSUs for other companies who just add their badge to the PSU.


                Unless you mechanically damaged the FX-9590 it should still be fine. You will need to however update the BIOS in any new mobo that you buy with the correct version BIOS that supports the FX-9590 CPU. The BIOS information is also on the mobo maker's website showing exactly what BIOS version is required for the specific model and Revision mobo. There are similar model mobos with different features that require different BIOS versions.

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