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FX9590 What am i missing?

Question asked by tkbs on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by black_zion

Issue:     I upgraded my CPU (from 8150 to 9590) and it gives a black screen "no input".

Notes:     I was unaware the CPU had such requirements and after reading a few forums i understand that 220w is needed and a specific Motherboard. The problem is that each forum has different responses.


Current Rig:

Mobo:     GA-970A-DS3 F6

^^ not compatible? - or requires specific BIOS version?

PSU:     700w

^^ not powerful enough?

CPU:     FX 8150


I have no way of testing if the PSU is powerful enough (without purchasing a new PSU), but the most important aspect would be to check the MOBO is compatible. finally, there is the small chance the CPU is DOA but i have no way to confirm this.

- I found 1 website that said my MOBO was compatible but would like a second opinion as i still get a "no input" error.



[1] How can i fix my error?

[2] Can someone confirm if the MOBO is compatible and the PSU is powerful enough?

[3] what can people recommend, should i just nuke the PC and buy a new one? or is there a way to get this rig upgraded on the cheap? (new PSU or simple MOBO driver fix?)



Although this post is similar to here;...

CPU Upgrade to FX9590?

... my rig is different so i thought a new post would be more suitable and i didn't want the post to go unnoticed.



i got the CPU on a random buy using some vouchers from trading in unwanted stuff. it was £11 so im not overly concerned.

Many Thanks