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Using the r9 295x2 with any of the driverspre and post Crimson in windows 10 causes Skyrim to stutter and hitch constantly in certain places.

Question asked by iainob1 on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by xenonix

I am finding I can't play Skyrim any more due to constant hitching and stutter that was not there when running windows 7, 8 or 8.1. This only occurs in windows 10.


Standing in certain places or even just walking forward and turning on the spot has the stutter happen in the same places.


Using the fps limiter from the drivers makes the game display even more regular stutters.


There is also a long hitch every time something loads in such as the next cell or a LOD.


does it on both ssd and standard hard drives so it is not due to access times.


No matter which drivers I use it is there.


SKSE or enb's have no effect on this issue at all.


also the latest enb for skyrim causes the game to run at half the fps until you alt tab in and out of the game with the latest crimson driver.


My system has all relevant drivers upto date for windows 10 including intel and motherboard drivers. I have the latest sata drivers installed and nothing stops the game performing badly.


All the same hardware as I had when using previous windows which worked fine.


Skyrim is a fresh install of the game, not using a save game and absolutely no mods before anyone shouts. Also no edits in the ini files either all vanilla and not using the games own hd texture pack.

my system is running great and stable. seems directx 9 games cause trouble in windows 10 with amd drivers. both skyrim and raceroom but have stutters and hitching.


Most other games run great.


I7 6700k 4.5 stable

16gb ram

maximus viii ranger asus

Latest windows 10 build recently fresh installed.