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i'm confused... have hd6570 and BSOD in win7 (x64)

Question asked by ~dbg~ on Feb 24, 2016


Let me start at the beginning:  bought a DELL (my first mistake) SFF780 (my second).

They all come with an integrated INTEL graphic 'card' that uses system ram as needed.

Hoping I could do a little better, I installed a PCIE 2.1, 1GB, RADEON HD6570 (my third mistake!)

As soon as I powered up, Windows7 'found' the correct driver and installed it, that's when things started getting weird....

Using the DELL support assist program, I was able to do a test of the card's capabilities and everything looked great (though

it did seem to run a little hot, to me anyway (possibly 50c+)).  But the real strangeness started even before that: speckled bands

would just  appear (sometimes purple ; other times grey) mostly in white spaces - like a browser page - yet they could be

'wiped' away by moving something else over the area or even by just scrolling further down the page...

Keep in mind that by this time, I had tried an older AMD version and also 'allowed' the driver-download page to 'find' the

card and auto-install the correct versions (amd-catalyst-15.7.1-WITH-dotnet45-win7-64bit july 28-2015.exe) AND (amd-catalyst-15.7.1-WITHOUT-dotnet45-win7-64bit july 28-2015.exe)...


Then, for no reason, IE v11 started 'thinking' that all the downloads from AMD were "corrupted" and red flagged then so as I couldn't even download any more of them (but could get other things from the site)....


Lastly...the dreaded BSOD appeared.


I pulled the card, started to update anything and everything (BIOS went from v10 to v15 - past 12, 13, and 14 - my fourth mistake)...


So, just try it again, right ?


That's where the confusion begins...  This is a 1 HDMI and 1 VGA pci-e v2.1 card with 1gb and needs very little actual electricity (10 watts at idle and 44 watts full load for the DDR3 version)... It's not as much as the DDR5 / 2gb version... Good thing because these SFF's only have 235w psu (my fifth mistake ?)

so, before I try it again, which driver should I use ?  Have I done everything I should have ?  Am I expecting too much from a little, underpowered, five year old dual core 3.16ghz machine ?  Should I even try it (the card) again ?


One last bit of strangeness :  I can't find anything to uninstall - either in control panel or the two driver directories under c:\amd\... What's up with that ?


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