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    For the love of God. After overclocking, Crimson drivers broke my graphics card clocks (it stuck).


      Hi there



      I apologize for my bad english.

      I will try my best.



      Quick system specs: ASRock H81M-GL, Core i5-4440, 2x4GB RAM, 1TB WD Blue, XFX Pro 550W.

      Graphics card: MSI RADEON R9 270 2GB Gaming

      Opearating system: Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit

      Driver version: Crimson 16.1 64-bit



      Official stock clocks for my graphics card:

      - idle: gpu 300 MHz, mem 150 MHz

      - 2D stress: gpu 450 MHz, mem 1400 MHz

      - 3D stress: gpu 950 MHz, mem 1400 MHz

      - OC 3D stress: gpu 1050 MHz, mem 1500 MHz

      Voltage not changed. I'm not using any "unofficial" OC mode, gpu 1050 MHz and mem 1500 MHz are the OFFICIAL maximum values available through official AMD drivers for my graphics card.



      Software used (not simultaneously) :

      - latest MSI Afterburner

      - latest Gigabyte OC Guru II



      Here is how it looks:

      Since I use these crimson drivers, I can't properly overclock my graphics card. If I set any values higher than stock (gpu 950 MHz, mem 1400 MHz), my graphics card somehow stuck in these values all the time, even at idle, especially when it comes to memory clocks, the horizontal slider to set memory clocks, just disappeared!




      For example: if I set gpu 1050 MHz and mem 1500 MHz, at idle, my graphics card clocks looks like this: gpu 400 MHz and mem 1500 MHz. When I'm playing a game, values jumps to the OC level (1050 MHz, 1500 MHz), but when I stop playing, graphics card clocks didn't go to the stock idle values (300 MHz, 150 MHz) but instead ridicusliy high 400 MHz 1500 MHz. Now this is unnecessary power comsumption and high temperatures. When it comes to power consumption, my PC draws 45W at idle, but with those damnable excessive clocks, power comsumption is 75W. When it comes to the temperatures, at idle, my graphics card normally have 25C, but with broken clocks, after few hours, the temperature is hitting 40C, at the idle of course.


      I have been monitoring all the values all the time through HWiNFO64.


      What's the solution? Earlier, I had to use the system restore, to deal with all this. Of course, uninstalling the drivers and installing the fresh ones, also works. But since I just can't do it everytime when I overclocking my graphics card (LOL), I have to find a different way.

      Now here is the funny part.

      MSI Afterburner is not able to reset clocks to the stock values. Even AMD Crimson drivers are not able to reset clocks to the stock values!!! So what works? The Gigabyte OC Guru II works, one magical click at "reset" button, and all the problems are gone, gpu 300 MHz and mem 150 MHz at idle, as it should be.



      I don't understand, how the 3rd party application can reset GPU clocks, while the official AMD drivers can't?



      This bug is well known, it harassing people since november. For example:





      Please, somebody fix it already.



      And for the record, I've searched the release notes about Crimson 16.1.1 hotfix, but I haven't found any mention about fixing this problem.