XFX 7870 Screen Flicker Issue

Discussion created by vulcanspellmaster on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by vulcanspellmaster

HI, I've just upgraded my GPU from a Sapphire 4890 to an XFX 7870 (Tahiti variant) and obviously downloaded and installed the new drivers (15.12) and then the 16.1 hotfix but I'm having a screen flickering problem at desktop. In demanding games like Arkham Origins or in Benchmarks like 3DMark the screen is perfectly clear. Even when I have a YouTube video running the screen is clear but running Minecraft or Diablo 2 in window mode has really made screen distortion. Also the screen itself is slightly wrapping around so that what should be at the very bottom is actually at the top. Is there a way of forcing the drivers to always work at higher clock speeds? Which drivers would have shipped with the 7870 that may solve this problem?