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My Radeon HD5450 is crashing my new install

Question asked by rickt on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by rickt

My PC has a SSD drive and it was running out of room , So everything was working before I get the driver question. All my downloads are on a secondary drive.

Here's what I did Had Win7x64pro wipe the drive and reinstall. Now this is not SP1. After the install download all windows updates and reboot. Now I have done this 4 times in different configurations ! Run the installer before the updates and after didn't work and even updated Win Explorer11


And everytime I do it I get the same thing after the installer finishes everything looks great it asks to change my resolution to perfered, " I agree" it refreshes the screen LOOKS GREAT.

Now it asks to REBOOT so I do...........The greet song plays and ALL I SEE is windows background screen . No icons No tray and No mouse.


I also tried just using the Windows update version of the driver and get the same results !!


Please I need HELP been at this for 2 days