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    Elite Dangerous FPS drops in Supercruise with 16.1.1 drivers and 260x/290x


      Computer Type: Desktop

      GPU: 1x MSI 2GD5 260x OC 2GB GDDR5

      CPU: AMD FX6300 @ 4.4GHz @ 1.356v

      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Rev 5.0

      RAM: 10GBs of DDR3: slot #2-4 is 2GB, 4GB, 4GB PC3-10700 GoodRAM

      PSU: Corsair VS550

      Operating System & Version: Windows 10 build 10586.104

      GPU Drivers: 16.1.1 hotfix

      Chipset Drivers: None, not ever needed.

      Background Applications: Steam

      Description of Problem:


      It usually happens in bigger solar systems like this one. As you might see, the GPU usage and clocks are low. CPU usage doesn't change much from outside the SuperCruise. This makes it almost impossible to avoid interception and makes flying anyhow else than in a straight line a chore.

      FPS issues don't exist outside of SuperCruise.

      I'm using the Steam 64-bit version of the game without the Horizons expansion.

      Troubleshooting: Disabling background applications: Google Chrome, MSI Afterburner, Steam Overlay, disabling ULPS, reinstalling drivers to 16.1.1 from the Vulkan beta - uninstalled the usual way, used DDU to clean up, installed new ones.


      A friend with following specs experiences the exact same issue, with even worse FPS drops, down to 6:

      CPU: Intel i5 4590

      Mobo: ASRock B85 anniversary

      GPU: AMD R9 290x

      Windows 10 64-bit, 8gb DDR4 RAM


      No, our CPUs are not unstable. No, I will not reinstall my OS for this game.