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Hello and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply and help,

Question asked by tjimtbn on Feb 23, 2016
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Hello and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply and help,

I am helping my parents with this probem. My parents have purchased a couple of Dell computers in a row now. My mother's XPS 7100 video card died and they asked me for suggestions on replacing and upgrading it. The specs for the computer so you don't have to look them up, are as follows:

Dell XPS 7100

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8-3.2GHz


460 watt PSU (considered a very good conservatively rated power supply)

ATI Radeon 5870 1 GB video card

My mother does some graphics work for fun, not as a business. And both my parents do some medium gaming. (Yep, 2 70 year olds play video games!).

What we want is to replace the video card with a better card that will still work with the constraints of the original power supply. Usually there would be no sense putting in a current tech card that would just be bottlenecked by the older processor, but my dad is thinking maybe yank the card out and swap it into a newer computer in a year a so. So are there any low power, high efficiency video cards you would recommend for this.

Also I did read the thread here:

about this same question posted nearly 3 years ago, where Dell support recommended using a Radeon 7800 series card, but wondered if there's a different recommendation now 3 years later due to technology. I was thinking maybe the Radeon R7 or R9 series GPU's

Thanks again ---- JimT