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E5-552G switchable graphics not working

Question asked by uksfm99 on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by uksfm99

Hi All


So I have purchased an E5-552G notebook from Acer with an fx-8800p cpu and Radeon R7 + R7 M360 dual GPU.


I am bery disappointed.


I have tried both Acers drivers and also crimson 15.12/16.1.1 and switchable graphics refuses to function. Here are my settings:


I have tried:

Powerplay - High Performance

Switchable graphics AC - Maximise performance / Optimise Performance

And also assign all games to run on the High Performance GPU.


not even ONE game will run on the dedicated R7 M360 GPU.


However, if i enable dual graphics, crossfire is enable for all my games but this is pointlesss as the CPU will then throttle down to 1.3GHZ making gamplay impossible due to huge stuttering


I hope AMD can fix this issue with their switchable graphics as it seems to be a driver issue as my previous G505s also had the EXACT same issue


Kind regards