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OpenCL + Underclocking

Question asked by petrkalos on Feb 23, 2016



Doing performance evaluation of an OpenCL application that I tried to underclock my GPU,

only to realise that the clocks are not respected ONLY when I am running OpenCL1.1 applications and ONLY when I am setting the values lower than the default clocks.

On the other hand underclocking is working as it should when I am doing any kind of rendering.


I can say that the clocks are not respected for OCL apps because of the facts

  • Clock Monitoring Tools (Crimson, GPU-Z, etc...) showing that "current clock value" is always bigger than the maximum target value that I've set
  • Actual performance of the app doesn't decrease even if I set the clocks to minimum possible

The problem looks very consistent, with every possible combination that I could try.

  • OS: Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 14.04
  • GPUs: 370, 380X, 290X
  • Tried to set the clocks with: AMD Crimson, aticonfig, ADL SDK
  • Always using the latest drivers for each OS


Could you suggest any workaround?