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Please educate me about Freesync

Question asked by wagnelles on Feb 21, 2016

I've been doing a technology research for a few months, and I've learned a lot from it. The reason for this is that I'm out of PC gaming since 2013 and there's so much that happened since then. One of the last things that I still don't know much about is Freesync. I've read about it a bit: It didn't started very good, but then AMD fixed it, and then improved it a lot with Crimson. There's also some tweaking hack that users found it to increase the Freesync range. Don't know if this is still relevant today. What about overclocking Freesync monitors?


I believe Freesync is even more improved now with the newest Crimson drivers, but there's much that I don't know yet. If you have a AMD card paired with a Freesync monitor, please tell me your overall experience with it. I need a solid reason (besides price) to choose it instead of Gsync. Money is not an issue here.


I also got a few specific questions, I'd be very grateful if you can answer them:


I had a look about Freesync monitors, and for gaming, looks like the best option available now is the Acer Predator XR341CK (X34 Freesync variant). The "problem" is that this monitor has "only" a 75hz refresh rate. Comparing to it's Gsync variant which can handle 100hz, that's a bit frustating. I do know that this 100hz is only possible due to the Gsync module. However, it seems the XR341CK can be manually overclocked. Linus Tech Tips said he managed to overclock his unit to 85hz using Nvidia's display overclocking tool, but I can't see any more information regarding this particular monitor's overclocking.


From a list of available Freesync monitors I didn't find any 21:9 3440x1440 monitor with same or higher refresh rate than this one. LG ones are all 60hz. Please correct me if this is wrong.


Also I heard about monitors which can't use Freesync in it's max refresh rate (e.g. a 144hz monitor that can only use Freesync at, let's say, 120hz). That's a huge deal breaker for me. Don't know if this still applies today.


I guess this is it for now, I really appreciate your help, thanks!