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    sudden bsod "device driver got stuck in an infinite loop"


      Hi, i hope you can help me with this.

      i have a R9 270x for almost a year now, and today it suddenly giving me BSOD about "Device Driver got stuck in an Infinite Loop". i don't know what caused this, since it just appeared out of nowhere, where it just fine a second ago. so i restarted my computer, then it start giving me same bsod even when i just log-on.


      my spec is like this :

      CPU : i3 4130

      Motherboard : ASRock B85M-HDS

      RAM : Team Elite Plus 2x4GB

      GPU : HIS Radeon R9 270x

      System : Windows 7 64x

      Driver when it first happened : Crimson 15 (i forgot the minor version number, but it is not the latest)


      things that i have tried:

      - read the dump file : atikmdag.sys is on top of the list.

      - scan for malware or virus

      - Reinstall windows (getting desperate)

      - downgrade driver to 14.9 and stock driver from cd, but no luck (the thing is, when i reinstall windows, the graphic runs with no BSOD when i haven't installed the driver, BSOD only when driver installed)

      - try some solution from internet (it's more than 10 different trials already)


      something is just weird when this bsod just suddently popped out, and i have little knowledge around graphic card. so i hope someone can help me with this.


      Note: i'll try to install latest driver today, i'll update the result next time.


      Thank you.

        • Re: sudden bsod "device driver got stuck in an infinite loop"

          Please uninstall all AMD Drivers using this guide.


          After all AMD drivers are uninstalled from your system, please scan and repair your Windows install for any errors or corrupt files, which could be causing issues.

          To do this on Windows 7, simply follow the guide on this link.


          Download and install the NetFramework 4.5 and Visual C 2013.


          Run Windows Update and ensure you’re checking for and installing all available updates, including non-critical and recommended updates. You may have to restart your computer several times and check for new updates upon reboot of your computer before it’s fully up to date.


          As soon as you’ve completed the scan for any corrupt files and you’ve fully updated your Operating system and restarted your pc, the next phase is to download DDU, extract it and run it. Follow the prompt to restart in safe mode and then click Clean and Restart. You can download DDU here.


          Download and install Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta here. Please install our Graphics Drivers following this guide.


          I believe the above steps should resolve the issue.