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sudden bsod "device driver got stuck in an infinite loop"

Question asked by shira on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi, i hope you can help me with this.

i have a R9 270x for almost a year now, and today it suddenly giving me BSOD about "Device Driver got stuck in an Infinite Loop". i don't know what caused this, since it just appeared out of nowhere, where it just fine a second ago. so i restarted my computer, then it start giving me same bsod even when i just log-on.


my spec is like this :

CPU : i3 4130

Motherboard : ASRock B85M-HDS

RAM : Team Elite Plus 2x4GB

GPU : HIS Radeon R9 270x

System : Windows 7 64x

Driver when it first happened : Crimson 15 (i forgot the minor version number, but it is not the latest)


things that i have tried:

- read the dump file : atikmdag.sys is on top of the list.

- scan for malware or virus

- Reinstall windows (getting desperate)

- downgrade driver to 14.9 and stock driver from cd, but no luck (the thing is, when i reinstall windows, the graphic runs with no BSOD when i haven't installed the driver, BSOD only when driver installed)

- try some solution from internet (it's more than 10 different trials already)


something is just weird when this bsod just suddently popped out, and i have little knowledge around graphic card. so i hope someone can help me with this.


Note: i'll try to install latest driver today, i'll update the result next time.


Thank you.