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    Only one display found when eyefinity disabled. 


      i just reinstalled my drivers because it was showing my second card was disabled and when I turned on crossfire i got a BSOD. 


      my computer does not detect displays 2 and 3 when eyefinity is disabled.  It does find them when i re-enable eyefinity.

      Before this redicoulous driver update from CCC i was able to easily switch between eyefinity and extended desktop.  this allowed me to easily snap windows to thier respective screens.  I only want to use eyefinity when playing games, now im currently stuck using eyefinity always. 


      Also...the hotfix driver will not install.  i can only get to 15.301.1801, when attempting to install it either freezes, blue screens, or just gets to the end and says "your drivers have failed to install! lucky you" 


      How can I be able to switch between regular triple monitor and eyefinity with this new driver update?!!!


      im runnning 2x 7970's