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Installed OEM driver from here instead of from OEM

Question asked by taffy087 on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by taffy087

First time*** here so please be gentle! Last week I came here and download/installed whatever the latest driver is / are.


I watched what was happening on screen and made a note of what I'd seen installed.

(1) I suspect that it's installed software to track me and sent me stuff I don't want - adverts etc. I'm not a gamer and have already uninstalled raptr using MBAM free.

(2) It also installed a program called M to which WinPatrol alerted me. I had to accept it as the install wouldn't continue.

(3) It installed MS Visual C++ 2013. I've always let MS sort out/update these in the past and I can't understand why AMD has installed it, I have to wonder if the next Windows Update will change it.

(4) Someone in the HP Community said that I should never update from anywhere but HP and said to uninstall the AMD Radeon Centre using your Clean Uninstall program but when I click on it I get this error:



snip -AMD error 2016-02 21st.PNG


Any suggestions about how I can uninstall everything. Can I use MBAM? Thanks


*** It's actually the second time - but I had some concerns about my first one. I also had strange problems: The thread kept freezing and I had to start again, there was a huge taskbar from the left hand side with links to Facebook etc. It was so huge that it covered the area where I was typing and I had to minimize the screen to 50% to continue. That hasn't happened today, thankfully.




HP OEM Envy Win10 PC  Processor - AMD A10-8700P Quad-core 1.8 GHz 2 MB cache  Graphics card AMD Radeon R6 Graphics