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Can't get into Windows

Question asked by a_poplas on Feb 22, 2016

So, 2 months ago i had problems with my computer. When i launched Adobe After Effects, computer worked for few minutes, then it freezed. It happend again after reboot. So i upgraded to Windows 10(Clean install) and also cleaned computer which managed to get me my project done in AAE, but later when i launched game it happend again. When i tried to reboot it took half an hour to get into Windows, and then it was turning off for quite a while. Since then graphics are broken or something. If my Radeon HD 6700M is detected in system, my computer doesn't go past Windows loading screen and it freezes. Only option is, that i go into Safe mode and remove AMD graphics through Device Manager, and then run on Microsoft Video Adapter. Now my question is how to fix that? I want to get that computer to work so i can give it to somebody else so they will be able to use it? I already tried installing older drivers(13.12, 14.9) but it didn't work. Any solutions?