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    Getting "THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER" BSOD after playing for a while with a R9 390X


      I'm getting that BSOD error after about an hour of playing Cities: Skylines and about 15 minutes of Shadow of Mordor.


      Gaming Evolved / Raptr has been already removed as per this recommendation [Link to this forum].


      I'm about to remove the drivers using DDU and reinstalling the latest drivers (15.301.1801) and if that doesn't work, go back to trusty Catalyst...

      What I find annoying it that even I had an outdated driver (15.301.1201), the auto detect utility and the Crimson Control Panel did not prompt for an update.



      Driver 15.301.1801 still crashed my machine, so I reverted back to Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta and now SoM works like a charm. I'd like to offer my help to the devs to see if we can find what wrong so it can be patched in future updates, because staying with outdated drivers is no long term solution...


      Any other help or fix would be greatly appreciated. I'll dump all the relevant info now:


      The BSOD data read with Nirsoft's BlueScreenView is:

      FilenameAddress In StackFrom AddressTo AddressSizeTime StampTime StringProduct NameFile DescriptionFile VersionCompanyFull Path
      atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+984e4fffff801`b4260000fffff801`b59bb0000x0175b0000x567ac4a223/12/2015 16:58:26ATI Radeon FamilyATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver8.01.01.1533Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\atikmdag.sys
      dxgkrnl.sysdxgkrnl.sys+1e70cfffff801`b1fb0000fffff801`b219d0000x001ed0000x56a8491a27/01/2016 5:35:38Microsoft® Windows® Operating SystemDirectX Graphics Kernel10.0.10586.103 (th2_release.160126-1819)Microsoft CorporationC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\dxgkrnl.sys

      My system is composed of:

      • i5 4670K @ stock while I troubleshot this error
      • 16 GB RAM
      • Sapphire TriX AMD Radeon R9 390X
      • Windows 10 Pro x64

      And the driver is:

      Versión de software de Radeon - 16.1

      Edición de software de Radeon - Crimson

      Versión de configuración de Radeon - 2015.1223.1060.19763

      Versión del paquete de controladores - 15.301.1201-151223a-297971C

      Proveedor - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

      Versión de controlador 2D -

      Direct3D® Version -

      OpenGL® Version -

      OpenCL™ Version -

      Versión AMD Mantle -

      Versión de API AMD Mantle - 98309

      Versión del controlador de audio de AMD -

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          Having this exact same issue with my GPU, a Radeon R9 380, using the same drivers. I just built my computer clean (new everything) about a week ago and have been having this issue consistently in Win 10. Cities: Skylines is a big crasher for me as well. I don't play Shadow of Mordor, but I have also been getting it in Team Fortress 2 and a handful of other games. I've uninstalled Raptr and completely reinstalled the drivers to no avail.


          I think I may have been able to pin-point an extremely reliable moment when THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER will appear, though. I was playing the free game Dr. Langeskov the Tiger and the Terribly Cursed Emerald and got the error at the exact moment when the garage door shuts behind you as you start your turn in the live performance, after you help with all the tech stuff. Something about this loading event triggers the crash and might be useful as a point of reference.

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              Hello Lilith!


              Does Cities crash when zooming in? It usually happens to me when I want to see better a very congested road. It's like the load is too much for the driver to handle. I also played Dr. Langeskov several times and had absolutely no issues... so the issue is a bit inconsistent. Maybe the GPU runs out of VRAM and doesn't know how to free some or get more? I don't think so because the 390X has like 8GB and I should never run out of memory but still... And I havent played TF2 in quite a while. In what map does the game crash?


              Anyway, I recommend you that meanwhile updated drivers are out, you roll back to AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver for Windows. Or maybe try the new 16.2 drivers that recently came out. AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.


              I hope that we can get this fixed soon.




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                  Hey deses!


                  Yes! It does crash while zooming in, fairly reliably. I have noticed that, actually.


                  TF2 crashes kinda randomly - haven't been able to spot when, exactly, but iirc, I have at least 2 crashes on the new community map Snowycoast. Haven't played much except for the new maps, though, so it's not a very big scope.


                  I also just happened to notice something else in this most recent crash - the audio started to faintly crackle just before I BSOD'ed. Thinking back to Cities, it's odd that we crash when zooming in because that's when new audio events start to occur. I'm new to computer-building, and this might be wildly off-base, but I wonder if the sound handling has anything to do with it?


                  I'll try out the 16.2 drivers to see if it works more reliably at all. I'm running 16.1 right now, so I don't have too high of  hopes, but it's worth a shot!

                  EDIT: Installed 16.2 and went on to play about 5 hours of TF2 without ever crashing.

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                      Hey! Glad to hear that the new drivers let you play TF2 again. What about Cities?

                      I'm curious if we would crash at the same time if we were to play in the same server...


                      About the sound cracking before crashing, great observation there! Are you using the HDMI/DisplayPort audio or some other means? I use a USB headset (G930) and I didn't notice any crackling, but I'll be paying more attention now.




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                          Alright, so I've taken some time to make sure the problem was fixed before I replied again and it, unfortunately, is not. 16.2 worked for about 4 days flawlessly, and then all of a sudden started crashing repeatedly when trying to play TF2. I did a clean install of 15.11.1, but it crashed the same day. I then did a clean reinstall of 16.2, used it for a few days, and now it's crashing consistently yet again. I tried it in Cities, planning on coming back to this post, and sure enough, if I zip around my city for long enough, it blue screens consistently within 5-10 minutes.


                          I've updated my BIOS and updated my CPU graphics driver as well, thinking maybe the GPU driver was a red herring, but no luck.


                          I couldn't help but notice that my game has *never* crashed while playing Tomb Raider (the 2013 one), despite how hardware intensive it is. I'm not sure if this is helpful or not, but...it's a fact.


                          I'm at a total loss for what to do at this point. I think it might just be an error in AMD's driver and we might need to wait for them to fix it in a future driver. Would be nice to hear from AMD support on this, though. I know we're not the only ones who have had this problem. There are other forum posts here and there that sort of just fizzle out as people run out of ideas and hope.


                          I'm going to try and downgrade back to windows 8 and see if it helps. Every issue I've seen surrounding it so far has been on Win10. I'll report back in a few days...

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                              Did something change in those days where it was working fine and when it started crashing again? Did you use DDU to do those clean installs, right? I did too when I went back to 15.11.1. I haven't had any blue screen since I reverted back to Catalyst. I havent played TF2 not Cities since then, though, just Shadows of Mordor.

                              I don't have the CPU graphic drivers installed, I removed them the same moment I removed the 16.1 drivers.


                              We'll have to have some patience until an AMD rep shows up to help, they are being too silent about this, I'm starting to wonder if there are any support techs in these "support forums". Anyway, good luck with Windows 8, rolling back is a huge ordeal but if you manage to fix it it will be good info for others.

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                                  Hi again deses,


                                  I come to you (and the forum) completely defeated. Rolling back to Windows 8 was simply unsuccessful. I had the exact same issue there that I had on 10. I hadn't tried DDU before - just assumed that the uninstall process AMD had stock would be sufficient. I've retried every driver (including 15.11.1) after a DDU clean on Windows 8. That didn't work, so I re-upgraded to Windows 10 and did the same thing, but all to no avail. The best I've gotten out of all this troubleshooting is that when I install the 16.2 drivers, my games all work for about a full day before encountering the problem - with the other drivers, it was immediate.


                                  My next troubleshooting step is to just buy a different GPU. I'm going to have to spend ~$50 on return fees, but hopefully going over to an Nvidia GPU will be met with fewer problems. God forbid that it's secretly my mobo or something causing the problem.


                                  I'll check back here periodically to see if an AMD rep has responded with any suggestions or any kind of concern, but otherwise...I think I'm just done here. rip

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                        I've been having this issue for more than a year now.

                        I have completed the 'report issue' since  ages ago

                        ...nothing has been fixed still


                        Any version higher than 15.11 cause my PC to crash randomly. It makes no difference if I'm playing a game, working, PC being idle or anything else.

                        During that time I have experienced constant crashes that have caused me hours of lost work in total.


                        The only thing I know for sure is that my last AMD purchase was the last one from that company. I'm tired of AMD being so indifferent to our issues and I'm also tired of the constantly bad pieces of software that they provide.


                        I've always been a fan of AMD products but not any more.

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                          Hi, this sounds like a problem within your driver. You can update your BIOS and it should resolve the problem, however, if it doesn't help, follow the steps in here https://appuals.com/fix-thread-stuck-device-driver-bsod-windows-8-10/. Hopefully this will help you out your problems.