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FirePro 2460 Audio Multi Steam?

Question asked by kbeaulieu on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by kbeaulieu

I think I made a little bit of a mistake.  I purchased a FirePro 2460 thinking it had DP 1.2 support for multi stream audio, but I'm thinking I was wrong.  Can anyone confirm whether I can output multiple audio streams from the 2460?  If not, can I purchase an adapter that would permit me to, or would I need to go for another card that has DP 1.2 support (which is what I'm assuming at this point)?


Basically, I have a 5 monitor setup for a conference/training room.  I have 4 HDTVs (two one 65" models and two 40" models) with HDMI cables going into this active adapter and then connected to the 2460.  I then have a 5th monitor on a desk that is supposed to be for the presenter.  What I want to do is have the ability to duplicate all five monitors and produce duplicate audio on all 4 HDTVs.  My plan was with the firepro control panel to create two presets where one would allow folks to duplicate all monitors and the other would make the presenter monitor the primary and extend the others in quad-duplication mode on the 4 HDTVs.


I'm working for a nonprofit too, so I'm trying to be relatively budget conscious.