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    Crimson : Memory clock stucked after OC, no fix yet and nothing worked




      I tried to overclock my good old 7850 so I could play The Division, and was doing fine until I decided to overclock it near the limit (in the Crimson OC profile thing). Sadly, my computer freeze here and then after a while, and there is no way to revert it back to working condition. In fact, I can't even see the Memory clock slider anymore.


      I tried uninstalling drivers (using AMD cleanup utility) and then installing newest drivers: didn't work. It seems it saved 1450 mhz as my default clock or something instead of 1200 mhz.


      Then I tried uninstalling again, and again, and again, with or without MSI Afterburner. I can control everything in MSI Afterburner, except the Memory clock, which is stuck at 1450.


      Still not working.


      I know a fix is the work: In the meantime, anyone has a working fix? Should I go back to a version with CCC?



      Edit: Reverting back to 15.11.1 seems to have done the trick. No more Crimson for me it seems.