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AMD Radeon HD 8570D Vulkan compatible driver

Question asked by ttr on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by kingfish


I want to test out Vulkan SDK however I seem to have run into the problem of not having a working driver for my graphics card. I'm using: Radeon HD 8570D driver version: 15.301.1801.1001. According to all the references that I've been able to find this card IS compatible with the VulkanSDK however this doesn't seem to be the case.


The driver installer that I've downloaded and attempted to install is here: but during the installation there were no components and no reference to an update for my graphics card driver itself. Before it's asked, I have done this on a system where all ATI drivers were removed using DDU. I've manually tried to update the graphics card driver using: Windows' Device Manager -> Specify driver directory to update. This installs the version "16.1..." driver inside Device Manager BUT afterwards Crimson and CCC both don't recognise my graphics card. Therefore I had to revert back to driver version 15.301.1801.1001.


Is my driver unlucky and I won't be able to use the VulkanSDK or is a working driver still in the works? I know that the VulkanSDK was only recently released and the driver installer says "Beta" but I've had the bad experience of certain AMD cards being neglected and forgotten before.