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    R9-380X with CCC-15.12, GTA 5 crashes and caused NO SIGNAL on monitor


      Recently i have bought myself a R9 380X (Sapphixx Nitro 4GB comes with factory OC).

      I have tried different version of CCC and none of them worked (15.12 - 16.1).

      I thought I had bought a dying card so I take it to the retail shop and change for a new one, still same issue.....

      I tried install the card on different computer, same issue....


      Therefore, I can confirm that this is the problem of the AMD driver. (when the problem occurs, my computer still running well, only no signal)

      Other games like Need foe Speed 17 my computer can run it well, no issues

      Running benchmark software is fine (3DMark)


      My computer SPECS:

      I5 6500 CPU

      R9 380X 4GB, FACTORY OC

      H170 MB

      8GB DDR4 RAM

      650W PSU