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    AMD Red Team Swag


      Out of curiosity, I am wondering how we could get our hands on some AMD hats or T-Shirts to show off during our live streams and product showcase videos, is this a possibility or should we make our own?  We feel that sporting AMD logos during our videos is mandatory and would like some feedback on how we go about this with AMD Red team.


      Thanks!  Scott Wilson

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          I AGREE!!!!!

          I have been seeking AMD's commercial posters that the retailers seem to not use compared to the NVidea and Intel posters festooned in stores everywhere.

          I have asked many retailers if I could have or buy some, but I am always told no!  AMD should make their commercial posters available to AMD supporters directly!

          Hats, T-shirts, sweaters and jackets as well. You have a huge base of fans in the world who would like to express that sentiment by wearing it and putting it on display with pride.   


          I would love to have some large FX processor and Radeon posters for my family's game room as we have custom built 3 current "ALL AMD" systems to replace the 3 previous AMD systems we built previously. AMD should have a web page on this website and with every poster shown that we could choose and even make them prizes for our activities on AMD's Gaming Evolved ~RAPTOR~  NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL!!

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            Would definitely purchase AMD swag, marketing 101

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              i love my AMD swag - but i want more - tons of it