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    No Video Signal after Upgrading to AMD FirePro W2100


      Hi All, I am attempting to upgrade the video on my Dell desktop computer from onboard to a FirePro card. Following the AMD installation instructions, I first installed the AMD video card and connected 2 - 25" monitors via Display Port connector. Upon reboot, I am getting no video signal on either monitor. Here is my system configuration:


      Video Card: AMD FirePro W2100

      Desktop: Dell Vostro 260S (250w power supply)

      Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

      Monitors: ASUS PB258


      Things I tried:

      1) Disabled Intel HD Graphics Family display adapter in Device Manager

      2) Checked BIOS for settings I could modify related to video but none are available

      3) Updated AMI BIOS from A04 to A10

      4) Updated chipset


      Could this be a power supply issue? The video card is supposed to use less than 26w at maximum consumption, so it wouldn't seem that this should be the issue. To conserve every watt of power provided by the power supply, I even removed a Wi-Fi card that I was not using.


      Thanks for any assistance provided!