AMD has updated the later FX CPU max user temps

Discussion created by techguy on Feb 21, 2016
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After much discussion with AMD Customer Care, AMD has updated the maximum user CPU temps for a number of the later model FX desktop processors that did not have temps listed in their specification box online since they were released for sale.


Since there can be some confusion over the difference in max user temp between the 125w FX-8000 series which has a 61C limit and the FX-9000 series, 220w CPUs which have a 57C limit, I will address that matter in this post.


In my experience and that of many other FX-9000 users the FX-9000 series CPUs which are factory overclocked FX-8000 series CPUs, seem to be completely stable at 61C the same as the FX-8000 series CPUs. The reason for the lower 57C temp specified for the FX-9000 series CPUs is to keep the TDP within the AMD specified 220w figure. As a CPU heats up the internal resistance increases and thus more power is required to overcome that resistance. By setting the FX-9000 series CPU temp to 57C the CPU remains inside the 220w TDP listed for those models. Nothing bad will happen if your FX-9000 series CPU runs up to 61C other than it will require more electrical power.