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Sudden Triple Monitor Issue - The display settings could not be saved

Question asked by gerb68 on Feb 21, 2016

I have been running a Triple monitor setup for at least 3 years now and all of a sudden one of the monitors will not connect. Whenever I try to 'Extend desktop to this display' I get the error 'The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings.'

The triple monitor config I now have is DVI+DVI+DisplayPort-DVI active adapter.
Is there a fix or workaround for this? I have tried everything I could think of, I re-installed AMD drivers. Reset resolutions on Desktop displays.
I have also tried DVI+HDMI+DisplayPort-DVI active adapter but it now seems that my ATI Radeon HD 5850 driver will not extend to a 3rd monitor. I am using an Accell B087B-001B UltraAV Display Port/DVI-D adapter

I cant understand how all 3 displays worked perfectly for a couple of years then suddenly stopped.

The Display port adapter works when only using 1 screen.
With DVI + DVI + DP to DVI connected. Only DVI + DVI work.
with DVI + DP to DVI connected. DVI + DP to DVI both work.
with DVI(the other DVI port) + DP to DVI connected DVI + DP to DVI both work.

Then it gets weird. When I connect all 3 monitors and switch around which monitor is connected to which connector (i.e. either of the DVIs and the display port) only 2 monitors work but there is a randomness as to which 2 of the 3 monitors work.

I am unsure as to what to do next. At this point I would also like to know what is the root cause of this issue so that I can go about replacing any problem hardware i.e. Is it the graphics card  etc?