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    Crimson driver 16.1.1 big temperature problem


      Video card: R9 380X Sapphire nitro 4G


      OS: Windows 10 64bit

      Crimson radeon software 16.1 and 16.1.1



      I'm fine with 15.12.  I tried to update to 16.1 and I had the same problem(90° with Sony Vegas hardware acceleration) and now, I tried again with 16.1.1, but with my R9 380X I have dangerous temperature.


      15.12: 50°

      16.1.1: 60°

      Garry's Mod

      15.12: 50/51°

      16.1.1: 70°

      The Division ultra settings

      15.12: 56°

      16.1.1 92° but I stopped that with manual fan at 60% (I don't want to burn my gpu)

      Temperature from AMD Overdrive. The 15.12 temp was taken when I downgraded the driver from 16.1.1 then isn't a gpu problem.

      I uninstalled driver and used AMD driver cleaner before installing 16.1.1.

      Another thing, where I can find latest CCC drivers? Are them compatible with 380X?

      Thank you