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    Testing hardware


      I have a R9 390 for 4 months now.  For the last about 3 and a half it's been performing fine.

      However starting about a 2 weeks ago I was getting a series of crashes.

      They varied between a fulll on blue screen crash pointed at atikmdag.sys, a few soft failures with the windows pop up saying "the video driver stopped responding and has recovered"

      However all the current failures have either resulted in a frozen image, or simply a black screen.  It doesn't appear to be a full crash because I can still interact with the system remotely, just something is wrong with the video output (and it never comes back).

      It's important to note that these crashes and lockups only occur when AMD drivers are installed.  If I pull them off the system is fine.


      So in my trouble shooting the first thing was install older drivers thinking maybe a recent update was reasonable.  No luck.

      So I then formatted my computer and did a clean install of windows 7 and installed both the newest drivers, no luck, and some older ones (15.7.1), still locking up.  I don't have any error messages in windows logs to share.  The OS doesn't seem to notice.


      So at this point I'm starting to think the card itself might be bad.  But before I RMA it... is there any way I can actually test it and get a report about what exactly is hanging the card?

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          What is your PS...and other ?

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              Nothing that would cause the video card output to just die

              AMD R9 390
              Windows 7 64bit
              Both 16.1.1 and 15.7.1

              3x 1920x1200 @ 60hz

              EVGA Z77 FTW 151-IB-E699-KR LGA 1155 Intel Z77

              Intel i5-3570k
              PS -> 950 watt Rosewill
              32GB DDR

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              Windows only offers a couple of tools, Run > type "DXDiag". This may show nothing at all. Next is Control Panel > Device Manager > R9 390 > Properties > Events > View All Events. This should give you just a list of when and what is crashing the GPU.


              Again both of these are more of a "this is the problem, now fix it" rather than a starship enterprise "computer, run a diagnostic" thing. The only 100% sure way to check is on a second "never had the GPU inserted before" separate system. Sorry to hear its only been 4 months, I get it can be very frustrating.


              Out of interest whats the manufacturer? There are a few of them with reps on the forum we can call.



              And to post the rest of your system for confirmation as kingfish pointed out.

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                  It's a powercool. 
                  Yah those aren't really the type I was looking for.  And windows has no loging of the card doing anything; the only event I guess is the unexpected shutdown when I have to nail the power to restart the system.

                  My thought is given the card is rock steady when running under windows drivers and only crashes with AMD's drivers.  There has to be something specific that AMD's drivers are taking advantage of that is negatively effecting the card.  It would be nice if there was a program that could step through all the various functions/parts of the card and test them and then log if any part fails.

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                      Doesn't APPCRASHVIEW show anything? Or WinCrashreport ?

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                          When I got the blue screen I could get a crash report.  But now that it's gone into its current mode of failure it's more like the video card just stops out putting a signal then an actual crash.

                          So as a follow up I had originally reported that I did a fresh install of Windows and tried the drivers with no luck.  Well now 24 hours later and a dozen reboots Windows has finally finished patching and the video card seems stable.  I'm letting it run for a day before I claim success.  Still annoying it took a full frsh clean install of Windows to get it to work.

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                              I'm not surprised at all. IMO it's the number 2 cause of all the posts on this forum. No matter how many times it is said, people still think updating their whole computer is not as important as updating their graphics drivers.