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Fx 8350 always runs at 1.32ghz

Question asked by posiedon307 on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by mistered

I have just recently built my brand new PC, specs as follows:

Fx 8350

Corsair h60 water cooler

MSI 990fx motherboard

8gbs of crucial drr3

Crucial mx200 480gb ssd

Asus strix r9 390

Recently I have been having some problems with my fps in-game. I have been getting awful fps in games that I should be getting lots in. I can barely push 60fps in minecraft. I was trying to diagnose the problem when I discovered that my processor was experiencing the problem in the tittle, it never went above 1.32 ghz. And I know it should be this way when I'm browsing the internet, but not when I'm in a graphically intensive game. The most common problem people seem to be getting when I look this up is thermal throttling, except I know this is not my case since I purchased a water cooler to go with my processor, and I have been monitoring the temps which are insanely low, never going past the thirties. I haven't done any overclocking, so I didn't mess up my processor or anything. Thanks for your assistance.